Gadsden Regional Medical Center

The History of Gadsden Regional Medical Center
The story of Gadsden Regional Medical Center is dramatic
and inspiring. From a modest beginning, the hospital has
steadily grown to its present size and position of eminence.
This has been due in large measure to the spirit of
cooperation that has existed among the administration,
Board of Trustees, Medical Staff, employees and the people
of Gadsden and surrounding areas.
Founded in 1906, The Ralls Sanitarium was a small 25-bed
hospital until 1944, when it was sold to Etowah Baptist
Association, and the name was changed to Baptist Memorial
Hospital. A new facility housing 199 beds was dedicated at
the present site on property donated by the Goodyear Tire
and Rubber Company in 1963. Expansion projects during
the next fifteen years included four additional floors with
total beds growing to 346 and a four-story medical office
building connected to the facility.
Closely connected to the community, an area fund drive
provided the needed capital to build a state of the art
Cancer Center in 1987, designed by the leading radiation
oncologist at UAB. Within two years, a five-story medical
office building was completed and in 1991 the Open Heart
Program began. Shortly thereafter, the OB floor was
renovated to provide LDR services for the 1,100+ babies
born annually at GRMC.
With health care changing nationally, the local scene
brought a new owner for Baptist Memorial Hospital when
Quorum Healthcare Group purchased the facility in 1993 and
changed the name to Gadsden Regional Medical Center
(GRMC). New leadership encouraged expanding services
and the first Occupational Medicine clinic in Etowah County
was opened on the hospital campus in 1996. A year later,
the Outpatient Care Center opened, then another
professional building, and the year after, a four-bed
accredited Sleep Center.
GRMC has added many other services, including a Women
and Children’s Center, Women’s Resource Center, adult
psychiatry, neurosurgery, Level II Trauma emergency
department, comprehensive cardiac services, rehabilitation
and speech therapy, Outpatient Imaging Center, Healthy
Woman and Senior Circle.
In 2006, GRMC began a $28 million expansion to include the
construction of a four-story patient tower and renovate the
surgical services. As part of the process, the cardiac
catheterization suites and the critical care units were
relocated. Centennial Tower adds 60,000 square feet and
was opened in October 2008.
GRMC added four urology suites in 2009 and renovated its
recovery room in 2010.
And, GRMC completed an Emergency Room renovation
project in 2011 designed to enhance service and efficiency,
as well as making time spent in the ER more comfortable for
patients and their families.
Most recently, extensive renovation to the nursing units and
waiting areas took place, as well as a 12-bed, critical care
unit on 8 North.